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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekend Roundup...Better Late than never edition

Hi...its Wed. and I am just now posting our weekend happenings. I have been busy...baking a lil baby in my tummy oven..which has just tired me out this week....smething tells me it's because I have to also chase after a certain lil blonde mop top named Mateo.  :)  But here I am...better late than never right?

Well this weekend was pretty much enjoying the sun and water...the kids pretty much lived in their swimsuits..either in our pool or beach...they were wet lil fish the whole time!
 A lil cherub got his own lil splash pool to play in when big brother and sister aren't in the big pool.

 Lunch Break with Daddy...
 We are so blessed to live by the beach..and we take advantage of it as much as possible..

 I know...I know...i llok like I am 100 months doctor being the conservative and amazing doctor that she is tells me my size is fine..where I then replied with a question.."Doctor..have you started smoking crack?" Really profile...could you be any bigger?
 Lunch with my beauty...

 I seriously almost started crying when I saw these two sitting together from afar on the sand...this picture makes me want to have 100 i will quickly be deleting it just in case! hahaha
At the end...we rolled on home...and the boys decided to take care of took care of dinner...and Johnny took care of was yummy!!!


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