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Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Blueberry...28 weeks

So here we are...all 28 glorious weeks of me and my littlest man Cruz!  He is measuring just right..and my glugose test results were great which means I don't have gestational diabetes and can't blame that for my VOLCANO I am convinced that Cruz had the utereus decorated and commisioned some amazing designer to bring in furniture, textiles, and all kinds of amazing naturally all of this is going to take up some room.  Rolled up in the fetal position for him was just not he must have taken things into his own hands.  We shall see what the doctor finds in there! :)

Big belly aside..things are good.  I am terribly tired all the time...and still have my super busy life to keep up with...but just when I think I am going to faint...something WONDERFUL happens and I get all kinds of energy!

I can't believe that in just a couple of months I am going to have another lil eggroll in my arms...swaddled up...ready to snuggle and nurse!  I cannot wait to just kiss those lil lips and sniff his lil head...I hope he has an idea how much he is already loved..and for his crazy we all are.  

Luckily we are pretty prepared...we just have to figure out the NEW stroller situation which is looking like the best option is going to cost a pretty I was thinking of hiring Johnny to play guitar and I sing for some pennies over down on the boardwalk...not akward right? And then a lil bassinet to snuggle our bunny right next to my we are looking good and ready!  I guess this is one of the PROS of popping out a bambino one after the other...and same gender at that...cause let me tell you..if this were a girl...ummmm..let's just say my sweet Jamas would have had to sit me down for a talking about my outrageous Fashion Spending! :) 

Me and the bump

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