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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CRAZY WEEK & weekend roundup...Whew!

Holy Pumpkin Seeds...I am wiped out...but we must trek on...I will rest when...ummm..I dont know..I guess when someone finds me in the corner in a full blown fetal position...until then...bring on the next week baby!

Congrats to Our Bella Bear...and a huge CONGRATS to our 

Senorita Presidente received Principal's Acheivement..which means straight A's.
And Senor Juanito graduated with Honors..keeping himself on that list all his middle school stay!

Now we rest for just a couple of days..because Bella's June receitals are this weekend and her practices all week long...Holy Mary mother of Goodness..please grant me with the ability to function without sleep...that would be awesome!

 Papa Bear proudly preparing Johnny for the big day!
 Look at those two..they always walk this close to eachother...I Love them so much!
 Mateo did pretty good...I would love to say that it was a magic dinosaur in his hands that helped him maintain his good behavior throughout the ceremony...but it was actually The World's Greatest Daddy!
 Peek a boo...there he comes...I was crying at this point...ofcourse!
 So FREAKIN...that's right FREAKIN proud of him!!!!
 Proud Papa Bear

 God Bless the angel Karen at the front Desk..and Ms. Debritton the schools principal who reserved seats for all of us because of my enormous pregnant belly...we sat front and center...HOW SWEET ARE THEY!!!!!

 My Baby Boy...i mean the one towering over me..not the one in my belly...

 My sweet lil(big) family...
 Papa Bear had a great Father's Day..but right after the morning festivities..and I snapped this picture I literally collapsed and slept for what seemed 16 hours...when I woke up..all the kids were ready..Mateo bathed and dressed and the entire house gleaming clean..I felt so bad..but that is the kind of man he is..I love him..for many reasons..mostly because his OCD is probalby as bad as mine! hahahahaha

Let's get this summer on now...including some rest...and great anticipation for Mr. Cruz!


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