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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Mateo Bear Turns 18 months

It's a cliche for a reason..but my o my..."DOES TIME FLY BY!"

I literally CANNOT believe our Lil Mateo is 18's seems like just yesterday we were counting down to his birth..those 9 months seemed like FOREVER...we were so anxious to meet him and kiss him and welcome him into our lives...and now he is our MATEO BEAR!
He is so funny, silly, rascally, smart, intuitive, loving, did I mention FUNNY!
This kid has his brothers HUGE heart..his sisters loving personality...his Daddys amazing soul..and his mommys crazy energy!

He really has brought so much happiness into our lives..he is a true blessing..and not one day goes by where I don't look at him and think how worth it he worth the rockiest of roads...and the scariest of days we would have to face to get to where we are today..thank God!

Mateo continues to grow...learn..and laugh..
He is:
Eating like crazy..anything and everything..he has quite the refined palette and seems to appreciate abundant flavors in his meals.

Talking like CRAZY...mostly it's ALOT of gibberish but he also has a nice list of words..including duck, dada, balloon, duck, dragon, ella (for Bella), ohny (for Johnny), most recently he has tackled 3 syllables with DINOSAUR...and many other words as well. Huh? What's that you ask?  Is he saying Mama yet...ummmm...the answer to that would be a BIG FAT NO!!!  Is it because he can't sound out his MMMMM...NOPE...because this kid can mOOO better than a Jersey it because he wants be to cry..yes probably! ;)

Very active is this young chap we call Mateo...running and climbing everywhere..and keeping up with him is NO JOKE!

But my favorite thing about Mateo right now would have to be that when you ask him..."Where's the baby...where is Cruz"?...he runs over to my VOLCANO BELLY and points and kisses it!


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