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Friday, June 29, 2012

Slept through the first week of summer..

I read somewhere that if you are psuedo narcoleptic during your pregnancy it means your baby will be an amazing sleeper, very calm, healthy and gorgeous!
No really..I read this somewhere..
You think I made this up?
ok..maybe not all is entirely true..and by entirely..I mean none of it but let's just say they are strong hopes! 

The first week of summer is over...NOOOOOO..and I know I have pictures to prove to myself that it exsisted but I also think I slept through most of see, I think I am now narcoleptic..if i sit still for even a second I am gone!

I hosted what I meat to be a lil toddlers playdate...but it quickly turned into a full blown fiesta...but its ok..the kids enjoyed I was happy/

 Wow...a ladies man already!
 A lil lunch date with Lily...

Then on the weekend came the HURRICANE of Bella's recital performances..which included a nautical jazz/ballet piece...a ballet piece..and a couple of musical theater pieces that I am just going to admit to you..I WAS CRYING LIKE A FREAKING BABY IN THE AUDIENCE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PERFORMANCE...I am so inlove with this lil girl..everyday I look at her and CANNOT believe she is mine!!!!!
 PROUD Papa Bear
 VOLCANO BELLY makes another appearance...

I pray this kid will continue to do a lot of this...cuz the lil kid in the belly is making this mama super tired...and needing many of these as well!!!!
 The rest of the week..we have just been enjoying our home..and not having appointments and classes and places to be every other hour!
 We have been able to slow down (a lil bit) and stay in our pajamas a lil longer
 Escaping to the beauty that is the beach...
 Absorbing this amazing life that God has blessed me with..especially with this very special papa I love so much...
 Oh yeah...and guess what...CHEESE CLUB is back for it's second annual camp/performance..this year they have a few more of my favorites has to be that lil dumpling dancing his booty off..



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