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Monday, August 8, 2011

Love for a Lifetime

Loving his Goddaddy...
Loving his Godmommy...

Love for a lifetime was the theme of this great day.  It was the day we baptized our sweet Mateo and the family and his Godparents Cassandra and Wesley came out to make the day official.  To me Godparents have always been people whom you choose to be part of your childrens life and will be a great example as human kind unconditional someone who you would trust with helping guide the lives of your kids through religion ofcourse...but just in general through life...surrounding them with LOVE for a lifetime.  I met Cassandra through work...and when I first met her she was pretty much the complete opposite of me...where I was loud...she was quiet...where I was opinionated...she went with the flow...where I was fiesty...she was a sweet cupcake....and through time I have come to find out that not only are we a lot more alike than I ever knew...we rub off on eachother and have made for a great friendship.  And Wesley her fun loving boyfriend we met one night out on the town...right away we all hit it off...and a great time.  We quickly came to see the great attributes Wesley and Cassandra both possesd that were kind, respectful, loving, CARING I wanna cry sometimes...what can I say they had us at "hello".  As I have spoken in the past I went through a rough couple of years where I unfourtunatly quickly came to find out that the old cliche of through tough times you know who your real friends are was actually very very true.  I saw "good friends" start dropping like flies....I saw judgement rear its ugly head time after time....I saw ugly fake smiles...and even uglier fake words of sentiment come my broke me and made me that much stronger.  It proved to me that not blood...or time...or promises..or history could dictate or promise you loyalty in a friend.  I learned that you have to have faith that the real friends and loved ones would stick around through the good and the bad....and now although I have a lot less friends that I did a couple of years ago...I know the ones I have now are TRUE...and LOYAL...and I would trust with my life.  Now I have a whole new life...that I have started with THE LOVE OF MY LIFE...and together we would make new friends...but this time they would be the kind of friends that would help you move in the middle of the night in a moments notice...the kind of friends that would watch your kids when they have the stomach flu, cleaning vomit up while you were at the hospital delivering a bambino...surprise you (or try to) with the most amazing baby shower I could ever willing to protect you on the first night you met...and spend evenings together just hanging out doing nothing but stll having fun. And that is why we made Wes and Cassandra the Godparents....because they became friends with Jamas and Maria....they loved US...but more important tha  anything they LOVE our kids.  So last year on July 24th (both Sandra and my birthdays)...we made it official while Mateo was still baking in the tummy we asked them to be the godparents...and there it was Love for a Lifetime!
My Wonderful family..

The moment...

our wonderful Dolores who honored us with being part of the ceremony...we love the Virgos and are honored that they too will always be a part of Mateo's life. Jojo couldnt be there because that same morning he broke his tooth...but Dolores dropped him off at the dentist and still came...can you believe that!? Amazing...and we are honored to call them friends...we love you guys!

Grandpa and Grandma Ward flew down...ofcourse :)

Jamas and Bella are the proper ones...Johnny and I are not...JK

Grandpa Bryan flew down as happy to always see our Houndog

The party table turned out beautiful...with Sandra's help and Sheila (staying with me til 1am helping the night before...LOVE YOU SHEILA) we had a vision for all white food but that was really hard to acheive..think about it...not much beyond white cheddar popcorn, marshmallows, and a fabu cheese platter...oooand we had adorable milk glasses with special straws..

my favorite...but I also made a rainbow cake which was great because it was all white outside...and then..BAM rainbow surprise inside!
I love this man so much it hurts..and he is a phenomenal father.

Thank you to all of you who made it out to the ceremony and celebration for this lil happy meant the world to us that you were there...the day was perfect and we were surrounded by those who love us and our kids dearly.

Only 2 things went wrong....we didnt get a picture of Mateo with Dolores and Jojo...and our lovely dog bear ate 20 of the 25 cake pops Sandra had made and to make matters worse Jamas and I had to shove hydrogen peroxide down his throat to make him "you know what" and after the reception (thank goodness Bear did "you know"

God Bless


  1. Congratulations little Mateo on one of many important days of you life. And to your godparents as well.

    Again sorry I wasn't able to make it out, I'll make it up to you some day.

    Much love from up North.


  2. what a special day. sounds like it turned out super cute:)