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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dando Gracias...better late than never

It's the anticipation of him arriving and seeing his grandson slip into his boots.
It's the sight of seeing him next to his dad.
It's the extra skip in her step when she knows he will be visiting.
It's the bright in his eyes as he peers out the window to watch them pull up.
It's the pride in his beats as he drums the skins to show off his musical gift.
It's the coo in his voice to feel the bond the runs through their veins.

It is when Grandpa visits.

I am grateful everyday..and this time of year makes me so happy because the world around our family is forced to slow down for the holiday...which means less this and that to race to and wait for and etc..etc..INSTEAD..I get to enjoy happy, cozy, lovely, cuddle filled, movie watching, desert munching, puzzle playing, kiss bombing kinda days with the happy lil family.  I am so glad the kids enjoy the holidays the same way I do..The Real Holidays is what we call it...and we are so happy that Grandpa came to share it with us.

This same weekend we also...took our Christmas Pictures..threw Mateo his 2nd Birthday Party (a month early due to a certain BUSY BALLERINA in our lives and her Nutcracker) and decorated for Christmas..WHEW..DOUBLE WHEW..but I can't wait to share all the great pictures with you!


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