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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Worth Every Pound

Two years ago I was that girl who could walk into any store grab any piece of clothig and not have to try it on (ugh...those girls annoy me!)...I was as fit as a fiddle and actually LOVED working out.  Could it be that inside that already mommy of 2 and "fit fiddle" still lingered the desire to become a mommy again?  Become the size of Octomom again?  Throw up at the mere thought of food again?  Be tired walking down the street again?  Cry while watching Oprah again...wait...that happens pregnant or not! The answer is yes...I did.  So here we are 2 years later and God blessed me with another lil precious bambino....and you know what....HE WAS WORHT EVERY POUND! 
Johnny, Isabella and Mateo...12yr, 9yr, 1month (in this picture)

Which brings me to GOALS...I love setting goals for myself...lil ones or big doesnt matter..I just feel productive doing that...and it forces me to learn new things or accomplish what the many things that bounce around in my crazy head!  Some recent goals have been:

Get back to this pre-baby size...running EVERY DAY..rain or shine!

Go on more lovely dates with this man!

Cook more lovely meals like this one.

And take for great pictures with this crew....I'm always behind the lens..have to get infront of it more often!

And then there was this weeks goal.....drumroll walk the dog by myself (and Mateo ofcourse) but I was ready to venture out on my own with the worlds most skiddish dog on this planet!  So long story sjort...I survived...but not without its mishap....let's just say...its never a good Idea on the first day of trying this to wear a lil sundress on a fabulously breezy day!  I found myself..pushing the stroller, wrangling...yes WRANGLING the dog and holding my dress down for over a mile!  Bear almost ripped my arm out of its socket when we would walk past other dogs...but the Creshendo moment came when I was walking by the school that I work at (im on maternity leave) and my dress flies up infront of 2 fellow friends/employees (one correctly declaring what color undies I was sporting) and just then Bella's recess bell (she is a 4th grader there) rings and she and all her classmates come out..she sees me runs over to me with all her friends while I'm literally juggling a crazy dog..a crazy dress...and a sleeping baby..all the while I am pray Dear Lord please not infornt of the entire 4th grade...Bella will be mortified!  God answered my prayers...I made it home without anymore dress malfunctions! whew!

Happy to report our walk today went very well...and I wore a romper...just in case!

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