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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oprah...I love you

Eventhough I am an admitted addict to all those horrible and thrashy celebrity magazines like Us Weekly...I DONT get it when people go BANANAS over these people we call "celebrities". I could be walking down the street and literally bump into Brad Pitt and it wouldn't be a big deal to me.....BUT....and this is a huge BUT.....if I EVER....EVER.....EVER...bumped into Oprah Winfrey...I would lose my mind.  I love and have so much respect for this woman (yes I am aware I don't actually know her).  And I'm not rying to be cliche or cheesy when I say that if we all lived and learned from this FABULOUS woman...this world WOULD be a better place.  Dear the last day of your show I bid you a fond 3 o'clocks will never be the same again!

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