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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Houndog has left the building

GOSH...I LOVE FRIDAYS!  The second I roll out of bed Friday morning I have an extra pep in my step....the plans are building up in my brain...the timer starts counting down to the moment where we can all snuggle at a good movie...and sleep in..TOGETHER!  I don't mean to sound ungrateful...because I am afterall blessed to stay at home and take care of all 3 of my little chickens...BUT Friday means its finally time to slow down...take a breath...and enjoy.  THE WEEKEND IS HERE!  This weekend was and extra special one due to the fact that Grandpa Houndog came to visit...I was excited for him to see all the kids...but super excited for him to see Mateo because since his last visit Mateo can now most important..LAUGH!!!
Here he is with a lil bit of Ireland and a lil bit of Costa Rica!

The weekend also brings one of my favorite parts of the date with Mateo to Barnes N Noble...and by date I mean I put him in the Baby Bjorn sneek off to Starbucks grab a frothy treat and trot on over to the magazine stand.  I would love to tell you that I make my way up to the Children's Book area and browse and read some with Mateo.....BUT....I would be lying (I can do this at home...we have literally thousands of books) what I INFACT do indulge spankin fresh of the press US Weekly and Star Magazines...I know..I know...don't judge me BUT I have's my vice.  How else am I going to stay informed of Brangelina's status...or Arnold's love child!?!? (I'm so embarrased)! is my therapy...and am there every Friday while we wait for Bella to get out of ballet.
Mateo trying to steal my Frappe!

I do however have to visit the Children's book section for is on my bucket list to write and illustrate a Children's Book.  Look at all those GORGEOUS covers....I heart you so much Hardbacks!

The next morning we visited the most divine Cuban Bakery...Porto's in Downey ....I warn you...if you choose to venture out and try WILL become addicted and you WILL find yourself making the trek over there to pick up some Papas Rellenas or Croquettas...this is a promise....consider yourself warned!

Look at that Deliciously Overwhelming!

Sunday morning I walked into this vision ........
and right then and there decided I will no longer go for my Sunday Morning runs.....Sunday mornings are for:  Snuggles....Movies in bed....sipping a cup of Joe while slowy browsing the paper...indulging in a fabulous breakfast which is made with the the house so well as if Better Homes and Gardens Magazine is coming over for a photoshoot.
AND...sunday mornings are to capture moments like these...

Mateo watching his daddy shave so closly as if he is entering into puberty and days away from his own Shave and a Haircut!

Later that day we enjoyed a great day together at the park...flying kites and taking the dogs to the dog park in Huntington was so funny to see them at play.  Johnny said it's like the Dogs version of the school had your had it all so funny.

And Finally we concluded our day out with what all days should end with...a lil frozen know you are 100% in my book when you can visit a place that allows you to plop on everything from Captain Crunch, Pomogrante Seeds, Blackberries, and Kit Kat bars all in one sinfully DELICIOUS cups of yogurt!  MUAH!

We will miss you Houndog...and countdown to your next visit!

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  1. Glad you had an amazing weekend cousin. Hopefully one day I'll owe the honor of showcasing in one of your blogs. (during my next visit)

    Love the blog entries, keep them coming.


    P.S Your starting to inspire me in starting my own blog.