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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I wouldn't dream of could you even suggest such a thing!

A few days ago I was doing as I usually do right around 5:30pm...which is...making sure the house is sparkling clean...something is cooking in the's are is playing in the background...the kids are clean...and most important I have freshened my makeup, spritz a lil of his favorite perfume, and let my hair down.  Why you ask?  Call me Old Fashioned but I feel when you have a FABULOUS and HARD WORKING MAN in your should greet him in this way...everyday! BUT...and this is a HUGE..HUMONGOUS...GINORMOUS BUT....only if that same man does not expect it OR not appriciate it every single day...which my JAMAS certainly does.  So everyday the doorknob turns at 5:45pm and Jamas walks in...I make sure and transport myself to June Cleaver status (and truth be told...I LOVE IT!!!) ...everyday he walks in and will whisper a sweet nothing in my ear...and tell me how beautiful I look..( takes my breath away everytime)!  But...the other day...he gave me his usual "check out" thats right..I got it like that" :)...and he stopped at my shoes...stared for a second...and said "OOOO babe..we gotta get you a new pair of shoes"!  WHAT! "I WOULDN"T DREAM OF IT....HOW COULD YOU EVEN SUGGEST SUCH A THING?" You see ladies and gents...I was wearing my 15 year old favorite pair of converse sneakers....the very sneakers that have styled my feet through the happiest and UNHAPPIEST of times in my 32 years of life.  These very sneakers were the ones I would wear when I was pregnant with all 3 of my babies....the same ones Bella stuck Monster Inc stickers on when she was 2...the same ones I wore when I was married to my first hubby/friend and later endured a long and roller coaster emotion filled divorce with....the same ones I wore when I raced to the hospital when I got the call that my father had suffered a horrific accident which left him in a coma for months...the same pair I wore at that hospital at his bedside with my mom and sister....the same pair I wore when I met the LOVE of my LIFE....the same pair I was wearing when after 9 years I found out that I would be a mommy once again to our sweet Mateo....and the same pair I plan to give to Bella once her feet finally fit into my "journal of life I call shoes".  So my sweet Jamas....I love you dearly...but the shoes are staying!

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