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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Blueberry.....34 Weeks

With all my tooth issues lately and pain galore it felt as I hadnt seen the light of day for a while...but luckily I feel alot better and we have been having a great summer over in the Bryan-Arnold Abode...we have been attacking the Summer List...and making some great memories during The Summer of Cruz!  I both HATE and LOVE how quickly summer is flying by...I am really trying to slowly quench everyday...and get as much done as possible.

All the jammies are washed with dreft...
The bassinet is sitting right next to by bedside..
The Hospital bag is mostly packed...
My arms are more than ready to snuggle our Lil Blueberry.

A big thank you to some of my favorite ladies on this planet...I met up with my Cassandra for what I thought was a lil lunch with her...and showed up to be greeted by the beautiful smiles of Lizeth and Yazzy...Shelly and Ozzy, My EMILIE and her chic and lovely daughter Allie, I finally got to hug Alyxza...and ofcourse myBella Bear by my side.  It really meant the world to me that they anted to celebrate my Cruz...and am grateful for it.
I love you ladies...and miss you tons!


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