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Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Blueberry....35 weeks!

AHHHHHHHHHH....35 Weeks...I'm so excited!
Hibernation is around the corner..
I cannot WAIT to meet Cruz..I cannot wait to see him in Papas arms..
I cannot wait to hear his first cry..that sound is comparable to no other!  
Love at first sight.

I feel great...GINORMOUS...but great.
I am as big as I always get..not much room for Cruz to stretch out inside this 5 foot mommys body so my tummy continues to grow and seeing peoples reactions to me saying I am not halarious. Also, they always assume this is my first..and when I tell them it's my fourth...they CANNOT believe it.
Honestly...sometimes I can't believe it!

This past weekend my sweet Sandra (AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER) put together a lil photo shoot for my volcano belly and although I was a lil skeptical at fist to bare it all...I am so glad I did..I have always wanted beautiful pictures of my bare pregnant belly...and since this will be my last pregnant belly...I went for it.

Volcano Belly

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