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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Apartment Therapy Props...Woot Woot

Ever since I can remember I have always loved design....DESIGN for everything...clothes, jewelry, homes, decor...EVERYTHING!!!!  I ofcourse have my favorite asthetics but can appreciate the beauty in every genre.  When I was young (around Bella's age) I use to walk around with a sketch book and doodle designs...I lived for it...and now I see Bella doing the same and it makes me so happy.

Do I consider myself a designer? Nah...Do I consider myself an artist? Sure.  I consider anyone that has a vision and brings it to life in their own original way an ARTIST.  I do it mostly with my jewelry line...but every now and then I do enjoy bringing my vision to life in my home...and recently I totally re did the kids room in preperation for Cruz arrival and intergration to the living situtation in out 6 person family 3 bedroom business we have going over here.  I loved the end result...the kids all loved it..and Jamas did as well.  But guess who else did?  The CHIC folk over at Apartment Therapy and the contacted me to let me know that they would be publishing my lil design story on their website...and they did...ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

SO honored!  Hope you like it!
Follow the link below to check me out on Apartment Therapy


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