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Friday, December 21, 2012

Our 2 year old Bunny

2 years decided to come out a smidgen early..6 days early..probably because you wanted to start the celebrating couldn't bare to spend Christmas in my wanted out.
Ever since sweet have brought so much joy to our have become such a bright and warm presence in our happy lil family.
Everyday you make us laugh..and everyday you impress me with how smart you are.
I am a proud mama.
Thank you for being so sweet.

Amazing Brother
Silly Boy
Dadda Lover
Horse obsessed
Big Dreamer
Hard Worker
Contagious Smile
Loving Soul
Caped Crusader
Photo Bomber
Cranky at times
Ready to Eat
Social Butterfly
Kissing Bandit

Balloon Loving
Beach Bum
Messy animal
Long Haired
Pirate at heart
Bow Tie Wearing
Silly Face Making

Cousin Loving...

You are my love.


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