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Monday, December 17, 2012


I am sure even the greatest writers of all time would agree that it is impossible to properly articulate thoughts and emotions on what happened this past Friday in I sure am not going to attempt it.

I just want to continue to pray for the grief that the parents of those sweet angels are overwhelmed with right now...I pray that in the coming weeks, months, years...they are able to find peace and smile again.

I couldn't stop crying when I heard the news...I did what I am sure most parents imagine if those were your kids...and just when I would find gratitude that Friday evening all my babies were on our couch with us watching Christmas movies...I lost it again because no matter what at the end of the day...there were 20 sets of parents mourning the death of their babies...never able to snuggle them up again!

Much respect to those amazing teachers that will always be remembered as heros.

My friend Valerie facebooked this link to help: Sandy Hook: How to Help Organizations are providing donations and counseling to members of Newtown.

And hopefully we truly take away from this...the importance of loving ourselves fully everyday...enjoying every moment...and as for me this has and will forever change me.


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