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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our 4 month old Blueberry

It pains me to say it...
Cruz is already 4 months old
My sweet lil Blueberry is becoming plumper and funnier everyday.
Besides the infectious laugh that has erupted out of him this month..the other thing that is just knocking me out with cuteness is his lil conversations with all of us...BUT...especially Mateo!  
The way he looks at his big brother play is just enough to melt any ones heart...I can just see the desire to want to ump out of his bouncy seat and play alongside him...soon enough Cruz...soon enough.

Cruz is super verbal
Laughs a bunch
Rolling from tummy to back
and grasping at everything (including Blondie's long hair...he grabbed a chunk today and sent a toddler running away in was kinda cute) ;)

My sweet happy I am that you are such a happy and healthy baby...may God see it fit that this is what he will continue to bless me with for all 4 of my kids.

I love you


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