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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Better Late than never...ADVENT CALENDAR EDITION

SO...I was actually able to get the Advent up for the kids before the December 1 start...but my vision was a lot grandioso..but with the whole 4 VERY busy kids thing...I got this together in the nick of time.

I actually got my vision up and going...using different xmasy gift bags and sacks..I filled each with a goodie..and and activity to complete together...the plan was to affix them on the wall forming a tree...and it was taking shape...when I realized that a certain RASCALLY dog named Bear was sniffing around...and I realized that he for sure would snatch the treats before the kids could....SO PLAN B...I kept the bags and insides the same and just strung them up on twine instead...OUT OF THE WAY....and still looks really cute!

Already the kids have ripped into 5 days worth..and the first day was.."say something nice to each other" favorite..and Johnny told Bella that she "danced beautifully"...I pretty much died and went to heaven right then and there!!!!!  Gosh I love these kids so much I could just SQUISHthem!! :)

The advent for me is the biggest part of the reminds us to have a fun lil something to do together everyday...something I wish we could do 365 a year but..come on...the truth is we are always crazy busy...right...that just is the way it is.  However, I can't complain...we have a fun life...and having kids that look forward to all my crazy lil ideas rather that the latest and greatest thing is all I need.

Some of the other actvities planned are:
Games Night
Paper Chains
Breakfast For Dinner
Family Talent Show Night
Drive in Movie Night (I put a $10 itunes card in the bag..and istructed them to chose a movie together to download...jump into bed..snuggle up and watch the movies on the computer).
Christmas Pajama Party (to mark Mateo's actual bday)
Read a new christmas book to the babies
and so so so much more!

Hopefully this will inspire for your family to throw up and advent for is so fun...and it really becomes the purpose of the spend time together..slow down...and have fun!


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