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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eve before the Eve: Xmas roundup

It was the first one...
the first Christmas morning that felt complete...
as I watched my four amazing kids open their gifts filled with gratitude and the same excitement they did 10 years ago I couldn't help to be overwhelmed with such happiness...I glanced over at Jamas and saw the same look that I felt in my heart.
Such a long and roller coaster road that my life has been through in recent years...and I wouldn't change one bit of it...because all those loops and turns...all those ups and downs brought me to this very moment...with all 4 babies that I was meant to have..and be honored to raise.

Christmas for the Bryan-Arnold abode was COZY, QUIET, and WARM...just what we all hoped for.

Johnny wrapped his homemade gifts and strummed on his guitar..Bella delivered her gifts to The Catholic Worker..Mateo played with his animals..My Jamas snuggled with the babies..I fed everyone..and Grandpa just sat back and enjoyed his family..perfect.

We started a wonderful tradition this year of a family talent was Bella's idea...and it proved to be a GREAT one...Johnny and Grandpa played their guitars and sang...Bella danced, and my Jamas juggled :).....oh yeah...I nursed the baby (I WIN)!!!!!

We also kept up our tradition of visiting the beach on our Christmas was beautiful! And we finished up our time with a surprise lil Birthday Dinner for Grandpa before he flew back home..Happy Bitthday Grandpa!

Like I said..simple, quiet and perfect!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas...and I wish you a very Happy New Year!



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