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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Good

This morning I saw this on friend Jeff (THE fabulous Christina's husband..the same Christina that has one of the world's cutest homes and I continue to beg her to share a home tour on her's that cute!) well he shared it..and it was just what I and I'm sure all of America needs to be reminded of at this horrible time in American History....remember that even when we witness pure evil...this world will always have more good than evil.  I tell my kids...Yes..there is pure evil in people at times...evil that would commit heinous crimes such as last Fridays...BUT...there are sooo many more kind souls.  I am being constantly reminded of this throughout this week watching the news and the love that is being sent to is so heartwarming and inspiring. 

Now enjoy this cute video...where we see a sweet reminder of it as well.

Praying for CT

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  1. maria, i loved that video too. you're so funny and i'm working on some different ideas for my blog in the coming year. you might just get your wish :)