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Monday, November 7, 2011

I will never forget it...not one second.

I have decided and come to the conclusion that I just cannot properly articulate how beautiful, magical, meaniful, and true our wedding day was.  It was small and perfect...I will remember EVERY grain of sand on that small patch of beach we took up on that beautiful Fall Afternoon where we stood together surrounded by our family to finally say...I DO.  I will remember every word Jamas whispered in my ear, every kiss he planted on my lips...I will remember how blue his eyes looked..and how huge his smile was.  I will remember the look on Johnny's face when he saw me for the first time and wide eyed he told me how beautiful I looked...I will remember Bella telling me I am the greatest mommy in the world and how happy she was that I was marrying her Papa Bear...I will remember Mateo crawling all over the sand and literally rolling around with Grandma on the sand.  I will remember the sniffling sounds of my sweet Sandra's nose running from crying during the entire ceremony...I will remember My sister Michelle's amazing words she wrote that made our marriage official...she took our breath away.  I will remember all of Wesley's hard work and the smile on his face.... I will remember Jordan's hard work to make my day easier...I will remember Cortney's presence and how much it meant to both of us...and I will remember embracing all 3 of my new in-laws and feeling the genuine love and happiness they had to call me daughter and welcome me into their family.

Thank you to all of you who seriously gave Jamas and I the perfect day that we will never...EVER forget.

We love you

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  1. Beautiful photo slideshow. Love the expressions on your faces throughout this special day. The one of your hubby and daughter passed out at the end is priceless.