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Monday, November 21, 2011

Our 11 month old bunny...Mateo

Give me a moment while I wipe my heart s both happy and sad.  My lil Mateo is almost 1 and although I am excited and proud and soooooo very grateful that God blessed us with another HEALTHY, HAPPY and FUNNY lil's also kinda sad he is growing up so fast!

A lot of teeth

standing on his "own"

First Gymboree class

Carved first pumpkin

Mommy and Daddy got married

I was their ring bearer

It was a HUGE month for our Mateo...both personally and milestone-ally...haha...this month Mateo:
STARTED cute!!!!! (i think he has daddys moves..ehehee)
Talking up a STORM..saying dada, mama, bear (bea), fish (ish)
He is pointing
waving Hi and Bye to everyone he locks eyes with.
Standing on his own for bits at a time
EATING everything
Biting EVERYTHING (and by everything I mean me...totally me...with his 6 HUGE teeth)
We have discovered all of his tickle spots
He has fallen in love with balloons and globes...and pumpkins..just like mama

WE are so head over heels in love...I CANNOT imagine my life without this kid...he brings us all just soooo much happiness...we love you our sweet lil owl!


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  1. omg! he is too stinkin cute. his personality is really coming out in these pictures. sorry, but i love all those teeth and his black one stars! too, too cute maria. i know the feeling about happy and sad at the same time, sometimes i just want to freeze time. miss you and can't wait to hangout with you soon :)