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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Houndog has left the building...Thanksgiving Edition.

I just cannot believe how quickly this past year FLEW was just 1 year ago that I was as big as a house..and loving it! I remember barely getting my apron around my waist last year...and this year our lil muffin was playing in the kitchen with a mountain of tupperware while we prepared Thanksgiving Dinner.  We were so happy and blessed to have our Grandpa Houndog visiting us once again for the long weekend and it was so much fun.  He loves his son so much and you can just see how happy he is everytime he arrives to visit ALL of us.  We had a busy but FUN weekend..perfect Turkey dinner...amazing visit to the zoo where we all enjoyed Mateo reacting so vividly to all the animals...esp. the MEERKATS...The Houndog also got to attend one of Johnny's shows and one of Bella's receitals where it actually SNOWED on us!  He got to see his lil Mateo roll around in the sand again...and spend lots of quality time with all of us.  We will miss you Houndog but ...o will be back in 3 short weeks for Mateo's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!
Thanksgiving Dinner

Johnny prepped

Dad carved

The twins waited

Enjoying theBEAUTIFUL Socal Sun

Grandpa Houndog

Celebrating Bella's performance 

Our Bella Bear

amazed with all the xmas goodiness

Brother Love

Our Ballerina

I am so THANKFUL for being blessed with such a happy, healthy, and amazing family.


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