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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The kindness of friends

When I was 17 I got a job at Hallmark...the same Hallmark that begins blarring Christmas music in July, and sells Christmas ornaments in June, and gets it's CRANKY customers in October demanding their special orders this and that!  So let's just say working there SOURED me to being JOLLY during the Christmas down right sent me into a downward spiral to GRINCH-NESS....UNTIL that is..I became a mommy...I started caring about Christmas again...and decided it would be a whole other thing to me...I would define Christmas for my kids and family...I would not allow Corporate America to do this...I wanted to teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas...I wanted to spend our Christmas Eves helping others and not opening gifts..I wanted them to know about giving back and not Black   I was blessed that they went along for this ride and with John and James help...we have taught them the true meaning of Christmas...and we couldn't be any prouder.

Our Bella Bear has made it a tradition of hers to always ask Santa for gifts for the children from The Catholic Worker...a home in Santa Ana the soley houses and feeds the less fortunate.  For the past 5 years all she has asked for from Santa is a big bag of toys...and every Christmas Eve on our doorstep...poof there is a bag of toys waiting for Bella to we grab..and we go.  This year we hosted a Cookie Swap to benefit Bella's Toy Drive...AND...all I have to say is .....we have some of the most amazing friends we could have ever prayed for...they delivered...Big thank you to all these amazing people...I am humbled and gratful for your kindness!!!!

Buried in donated gifts

Coffee and cookies with AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL women!
Thank You...Dolores, Mina, Christina, Denise, Shawn, Paige, Michelle, Cindy, Emilie, Jen,  Nancy, Wesley, are the BEST!


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