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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It was exactly 1 year ago that our sweet and funny lil Mateo finally entered our world....and he brought along his amazing spirit to share with us all.  Mateo has been a blessing, he has been the son Jamas dreamed of, the brother Bella and Johnny anxiously awaited, and another piece to my heart.  I have seen this lil blessing grow from our lil teddy bear who slept in our arms and smirked at our loud voices and become a big a healthy boy who has developed a halarious lil personality that fits right in...I think he is trying to keep up with Bella's antics.  He smiles at everyone and really loves deeply....he cries only when he is tired or wants to be nestled in my arms.  Mateo is a talker....he has been making huge strides and the talking is pouring out.  This kid is days from walking...and he knows it....he just likes to be cautious. I know many people would say "wow, Maria...what a gap 9 years in between your babies...having to start alllll over with car seats, and strollers, and diapers!"  But I cannot tell you how worth it Mateo has made it...everytime he looks into my eyes as I am nursing him, or everytime I hear him babbling in the car seat, or everytime I see him waving at himself and talking to the mirror, or when I see him in Johnny's lap playing the drums with him, or when I see him watching Bella sing and dance from his crib...and MOST DEF when I see my husband hold his son in his arms and look into the face that is his.
I am inlove with you my sweet Mateo....I promise to take care of you forever...I promise to hold you when you are sad...celebrate with you when you are happy, look on the bright side when you are disappointed...I promise you will have me to lean on for the rest of your life.


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