Mavens With Moustaches

Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Favorite Images of 2011

Watching this lil mommy at work

Enjoying this lil face get all sandy...

Adopting this fuzzy face into our family

Introducing Mateo to wonderful people like Emily

Spending time with Aunt Shelly and my sweet Jourdy

Watching these chubby legs grow

This angel turn the big 10

These 2 love eachother

Mateo demanding to be clean

Our Lil fashionista

Dancing through the house

Becoming Godparents

Brotherly Love

Receiving awards

Starting up my business 

Loving my hubby

Finding my brother..Tim Burton

The perfect Thanksgiving

Getting ready to get married

FINALLY reaching my pre mateo weight

Johnny turning 13...a TEENAGER

The Perfect Mothers Day


Spending great days with The Virgos

Fuzzy Bear

Getting visits from the Nor Cal Bryans

This hunk turning 30!!!

These silly faces

A heart of Gold

Grandma flying in just to spend the day with Mateo for his Birthday!!!!

Blowing out his 1st candle

My love

My rocker

Watching Johnny perform EVERYWHERE

Watching Bella perform EVERYWHERE

And..finally...marrying the love of my life!

Happy New Year

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