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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Minute...but super cute Advent Calendar DIY

This morning as I'm slowly rolling out of bed to start my day I overhear Matt Lauer say GOOD MORNING ON THIS THURDAY DECEMBER 1st.....WHAT!!!! It's already December!!!!  And I realized my crazy busy life...forgot to make the kids advent calendar this year...what the what! So after i dropped the kids off at school I had to channel my inner Martha Stewart and get my craft on...all I knew it it has to be cute..easy..and with materials I already had in my craft "room". here is what I came up with...and if you are like me and slipped into December in a daze...then I promise you can takle this in a jiff...and your kiddos will love it!!!

I took a bunch of business envelopes cut them in half.

12 envelopes to be exact...

Tape the unsealed side with some invisible tape

Decorate the front with a christmas-y decal

With a puncher ..punch out a lil tag and write a lil "to do"

Include a lil treat for each bambino (none for Mateo..not yet)

Line them in order..hole punch the corners...string them on some twine or cute xmas-y ribbon 

String and hang...I used a red envelope for DAY 25 and put it smack in the enjoy your kids anticipate everyday.

Some of the "to do's" we listed were:

Donate toys to the needy
Shrek the Halls Party
Read a book to your sibling
Storytime with Dad
Paper Snowflakes
String a popcorn garland
Hot cocoa with Marshmallows
Attend church activity
Tell each family member something you love about them
Reminice on the best thing of 2011
Home Alone Movie Party
Christmas Light watching
Open a new pair of Pj's
Christmas time at the zoo and train

You can list anything your lil heart desires...doesn't have to be costly at all...or grand..just something you can all do together


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