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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our blueberry...THIRTY EIGHT WEEKS!!!!

As I sit here alone in the dark..while everyone else sleeps..and I continue to "enjoy" my pregnancy induced insomnia...I can't help to just shake with excitement...I cannot wait to be complete.  I cannot wait to welcome the last piece of the puzzle of our lives...our Cruz.  We are all so excited...and continue to be on our lock down waiting for Mr. Cruz to make his appearance...which literally feels like any second with all these delightful contractions I have been having!  I am so grateful for my kids...and for this wonderful summer we have spent together...and even though I am sadly also counting down to Johnny starting HIGH SCHOOL in 1 week...and Bella in 2 weeks...I have to hold on to the amazing summer memories we made together.  I don't know what in the world I would have done without them...both Johnny and Bella often took care of Mateo so that I could grab a nap here and there...and they NEVER complained if I was too tired to go anywhere during their summer vacation...they were just happy having our home days...enjoying their lives...and waiting for their youngest brother to bake in the tummy! :)

We got crafty tonight...and messy...but it was so fun...did I mention messy!
I love you so much Johnny, Isabella, Mateo, and Cruz.


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