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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amongst The Living...the last weekend

So this is it...this was the last weekend I walked amongst the living...I am officially in somewhat hibernation...I had a short bucket list of things I just HAD TO DO before Cruz was born...and on the top was to take the kids to the Museum of Natural I can just experience what it is to watch Mateo melt in all his DINOSAUR OBSESSED GLORY...and let me tell was totally worth it!
Forget the lil side note that my contractions got so intense on the way home that I literally thought I was going to be one of those mamas that give birth on the 405 freeway somewhere between Compton and Long Beach...Thank God I didn't and still have my fourth a final C SECTION to look forward to....YEAH FOR C SECTIONS!!!!  This weekend was also the last week I would attend my final day at my sweet lil art was bittersweet...I will miss all the sweet faces..and of course styling some peeps up as well.  I just LIVE for transforming peoples is so fun...and I actually have some cool ideas that I will share with you all after I settle in with Cruz....a project I can launch 100% from home!  
It was a beautiful day at the beach...and had some wonderful people stop by to say goodbye...including The Virgo sweet Emilie...whom funny enough she was my very first customer over a year ago...and she was my very last one this week...isn't that just CRAZY...I swear we didn't plan it...she surprised me.  And a big thank you to all my supportive friends who came by my lil boutique throughout this year to visit and most important just give great support to me..The Style Bandit...and small businesses everywhere!

 EMILE sporting some of my new feather bracelets that are proving to be an all time favorite!
 My bags are packed...good bye Art Show

 Olympic Birthing should be a sport...I think I could possibly medal...

 We were driving around in LA waiting for Teo to wake up from his nap when we came up on this crazy GYSER..someone crashed into a hydrant moments looked CRAZY...kinda scary.

 This poor turtle

Beautiful weekend...but it's now time to chill.  


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