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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cheez Club Forever!!!!

There are many many things I adore and admire about my of the greatest is just how creative and different they are.
None of them own any DS Nintendo crap thingy (excuse my language)..we DON'T own a game system...they dont now or will ever have a TV in their rooms...and pretty much their options are play outside or read a book. 
(please be advised..I am a total hypocrite because I myself am a total reality show addict junk and I should totally be ashamed of myself for even demanding anti media out of my kids...but I do...and will always...they will thank me for it someday..and be much brighter than their Real Housewife watching mama...that is all!)

With hypocrisy aside...Cheez Club LIVES...and they made their second annual presentation this August and it was so flippin adorable I almost fainted.

Bella gathers a bunch of her Ballet Buddies (plus 1 lil monkey) and with their collaborations they design, choreograph, and put on this amazing show.  they coordinate music, make up and is really just so impressive to watch and the work they put into it is awesome.  throughout the summer they met once a week at our house and slowly but surely put it all together...with the BIG presentation coming a lil earlier this summer because there were 2 VERY PREGNANT mommas in the fact Mama Beck gave birth shortly after that to an adorable Grady Boy!

So Cheers to CHEEZ CLUB...and Cheers to the beautiful and creative minds of all these kids!


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