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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend wrap up....OCD edition

We enjoyed Johnny's Jazzy performance at Bella Terra Friday night...3 hours of performing!!!! They did a great job...the crowd was really enjoying it...and Johnny was so stoked because he got paid....he is officially a paid musician.
Some of Johnny's BIGGEST FANS...

Mr. Mateo had a lot of underwear time this weekend...with success....I figure if my Volcano Belly was going to be mostly locked doen at home...I would be productive in the potty training department...
I also noticed a lot of this happening...I think he senses he is no longer the baby...and he is trying to get some extra snuggles in with mama...

And finally my awesome Cousin Pepper and his lil family came to visit us all the way from San was so good to see him...growing up Pepper and I were more like brother and sister...a true and awesome brother...we are a lot alike ...and have so much fun together...I miss him ever since he moved up North a few years ago...and he and his wife Sandra have an adorable lil girl named Allie who is nly 1 month younger than Mateo so we all really just had a great time!  I just wish they lived closer! :(
And we also spent the ENTIRE weekend cleaning like crazy people...nesting like there is no tomorrow....we are so ready for Mr. Cruz...that bassinet sure is looking pretty empty right ready to bundle up a baby...but not as much as my arms are!

I'm slowing down folks....I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...and in that light I see the shadows of a cute chubby baby!!!!!!!! :)


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