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Monday, August 6, 2012

The gift of a friend...Blueberry Style

As I have mentioned before in my bloggy ramblings..3 years ago I was that social butterfly that attended and hosted and event what seemed like everyday...always busy..and always ready to socialize and celebrate the blooming of a flower.  Since then those who I always knew were more fair weather friends have dropped like flies...those who confided in me many of their secrets and woes left my side..those who laughed with me lost their way back...but...those are also the ones that don't quite understand the meaning and importance of thick and thin..and of the unconditional love and loyalty you can develope as a friend.  I was left with a handful of women that are amazing and I have been blessed with new ones that I know I will love forever.  

Last night these fabulous women came over to my home to celebrate Cruz' impending arrival..and it was the greatest night...exactly what I need before the hibernation phase comenced (really Maria..comenced?)..

The strong mother...the woman I would be so lucky to have her strength and perserverance in life.

The devoted mother...the woman I would be blessed to have an ounce of her patience. She has the most beautiful and unwavering unconditional love for her boys..and it's just one of the many things I admire about her.

The hard working mama that even through adversity always makes it work for her boys...she is the energizer bunny with a beautiful mind and amazing spirit that is matched in both her mothering and career.

The artistic creative filled stay at home and homeschooloing mother that maintains such a different and cool way of raising her kids...totally different...totally smart...and totally inspiring!

The eternal mother...being a mommy for as long as I have this woman leads her boys to be such easy a free spirits as she is...a lovely woman to be around and always comforting to talk with.

The sweetheart...the mommy that loves so deeply with a beautiful calm...I would love to channel some of that...because we all know I need some.

The pseudo mama...she is young and pretty as a doll but this girl has the mommy spirit inside her RARING to come out someday...sweet and devoted friend!

And then Sandra
The Godmommy...the love at first sight with her Mateo mommy...the loving and will be there forever for you friend.

These ladies came together for me and my bump...not just to celebrate and watch a movie under the stars while sipping wine...they came to celebrate our freindship.  After everyone left..I gathered up my beautiful cards and read each and everyone...and the words these ladies wrote to me touched me in such a way that brought me to tears then...and now.  The gift to me is that they get it...that they know how mch I appreceiate them...because through storms you not only become stonger...but much becomes clearer...and the crap(excuse my language) becomes a lot more obvious!  

I am humbled with your words...and devoted to you all.


The party turned out soooooooo cute..I will share with you all tomorrow...crazy cute!

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