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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Celebration for Cruz...Decor Edition

I know I had no business being 36 weeks pregnant and throwing together a celebration for my last baby....but that's just it..he is my last..all the others had one...and I couldn't accept that Cruz wouldn' this is what I got together in a few days. (DISCLAIMER:  I have a Jamas..Sandra..and it's kinda cheating!)

Putting up and wind proffing the tassel garland I made at my art show that week..came out a lil tattered because I did my cutting at the beach with the wind blowing...but it came out fine...and added the colorful touch I wanted for the CRUZ sign.
The tablescape (my favorite part of a party was beginning to come together.
Sandra and her beautiful writing transformed the chalkboard to the nights theater marquee
We had the toddler/teenager sandpit in the corner ...babysitting serviced...hehehe
Fluffy stuff and flowers ...perfect combo
My lil CRUZ cake
Sun statring to set...grab a seat and get ready for the feature presentation..
There you go...The Vow...most of us were gabbing over by the food...but we did have a couple who watched it all the way through (Christina).
Wine and cake with friends
My Johnny...loved celebrating his lil brother...not a day goes by where he doesnt express how excited he is to meet and hold him...My Golden Boy Johnny/twin...we are hoping Cruz takes after our Latin looking side.  So we would be even with the latinos and whiteys...Johnny, Cruz, Me...VS Jamas, Bella, and Teo.
I LOOOVEEED how whimsical the table turned out...and it looked even cuter at night with all the tea lights lit and the hurrcaine filled with popcorn with a huge candle in the middle.
 Somechees and crackers with your wine...
 And ofcourse only our favorite movie goodies....

 YES...I noticed the missing U...still looks adorble...

 What would a movie concession stand be without a corndog tower?  So my Jamas made this one the night before.
Easy, fun, and DIY kinda thang!  I can't wait to throw another...we are thinking around Halloween...and making it a TIm Burton theme...we will see.  Hope you liked it!


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