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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gumball machine on my counter.....healthy blessings in their beds.

The news has been really depressing lately (as opposed to delightful as usual?)...but it has been extra crazy lately....the woman and her baby...who was the same age as Mateo...and what she did...I honestly can't even type it out....this story disturbed me so much....I cried...and my heart aches so much for that lil angel.  It made me so grateful for so many things that I have....not BLING BLING stuff...I don't have a fancy purse(I have a Hello Kitty diaper bag)...I don't wear fancy shoes(I wear payless sandels from like 4 years ago)...I don't get mani and pedis (I swear I can sand wood with my heels right now)...and I don't get my hair done every month(not exaggerating the time before last I went to my hairdresser I had only 2 kids...this last time I had 3).  But what I do have is 3 amazing kids that I want to snuggle all the time....1 amazing man who supported my decision to stay at home...another amazing man who (although things didn't work out for us) I still call him everyday...and we have an amazing relationship and know we always will....I can't ask for anything else from life I am humbled by the world around me today...humbled and constantly reminded where I have been...what I have survivied....and what I plan for the future.  Because at the end of the day all this simple girl needs is a cup of Chai Latte....the handsome man sitting beside me...the old gumball machines on my counter....and the three blessings tucked into their beds/crib to put peace in my mind, love in my heart, and a huge smile on my face.

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