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Friday, August 5, 2011

Whew....I'm tired....time to relax.

 What would i do without my lil helper Bella Bear?
And what would I do without my other lil helper Teo Bear?

So in the past couple of weeks we have baptised our bambino, celebrated our teenager, redone part of our bedroom, started revamping the kids bathroom, and worked A LOT...A LOT...A LOT...A LOT on The Style Bandit Website...which let me tell you I am IN LOVE with everything and will be hard to part with anything! :)  But now....we have a lil getaway planned for this weekend....we are taking the kids to San the ZOO ofcourse...and I am so excited.  And if the Butterfly House was any indication...Mateo is going to LOVE IT!

Anyone who knows Johnny KNOWS VERY WELL that he LOVES his family and music..AND IS OBSESSED WITH REECES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS...hence this masterpiece (no humbleness when I talk about this was too yummy...and so fun to make...perdoname! :) It was the perfect vinatge-ish looking cake on a darling simple glass cake stand and homemade banner.  Moist Chocolate cake with made from scratch peanut butter frosting and topped with a plethera of cups!  So Yummy!!!

I also attempted to make my first batch of cake pops and pom poms and they turned out pretty fabulous....I would love to share pictures with you all but my computer wants to make me mad today and is taking way too long!!!!!  So I choose to walk away fromit....not going to pick a fight with it today....Im too tired! And since Im on my OMG mood....yesterday I was walking into Tar-JEY with the kids (Mateo in the Bjorn) and I fell hard....right on my knee(NO BABIES WE HARMED DURING THIS CLUMSINESS)....skinned the POOP out of it....I almost considered cursing to properly describe this because it hurt so much then and right NOW...but I will sustain and tell you that my modeling career is officially over because this sucka is going to scar something FIERCE! hehehehe.  So I must jump off now because my 7 month old is crawling all over this house as we speak...and am sure he is days from taking his first steps...and I dont want my next blog to be titled I BLOGGED...BUT I MISSED HIS FIRST STEPS!

Pray for my nerves!

Oh and I forgot...I also turned 32 (actually 33). Happy Birthday to me! :)

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