Mavens With Moustaches

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So...guess what....I am a stay at home mommy!  This is something that was easy and hard for me to decide on...EASY because there is really no way I can leave my baby with anyone (NO judgement on all the hard-working mommies out there..many who are my friends and are great mommies)..but there is just no one I can do it...I tried wrapping my head around it and I just couldn't.  And, kinda hard because I truely LOVE my job...and am going to miss all the second babies...and the great peeps I work with.  But now my 100% dedications are to my three babies and my amazing man.  A big thank you to Jamas who has been so supportive and totally let me decide...I love you!  I just couldn't imagine Mateo taking even one step without me to watch it...or one fall without me consoling him..or one new sound without me hearing it...heck I couldn't even imagine 1 poopy diaper without me cleaning it.  So just as I did for Johnny and Bella...I am now officially a stay at home mommy....and am happy to bring back in full effect my business ventures...including THE STYLE BANDIT...which I have to be honest is so much fun...and look forward to even attending some art shows and selling some chic bobbles to chic women!  Like these fabulous "Rip out of my Ears" fantastic earrings

So far now Sequoia School...I bid you a fond farewell....and will see you sonner than we know you all....but I belong to these loves of my life.

See you at school September 2014


  1. maria, i totally know the feeling of not wanting to miss every experience with your little. they are only little once and we can never get that back. i and you know you will not regret your decision. can i buy those earrings?

  2. Thanks Christina....I know I won't regret it either! :)