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Monday, August 22, 2011

Our 8 month old bunny...Mateo

To say he is keeping us busy would be an understatement....our lil bunny is hopping around everywhere!  This month he went from sitting up on his own to speed racing through the house.  I can confidently say that he has explored every nook and cranny of this house...and the floor has never looked so great because daddy has become somewhat of OBSESSO about it....but that is just why I love him!  Mateo truely continues to bring us all so much happiness but the word Jamas, the kids, and I have agreed for this month has been amazement...amazing because he is growing and developing so fast!  This month alone he has:

Crawling and pulling himself up on everything..even the poor dog!!!
Talking in several languages..or atleast it seems that way
introduced hummus, rice, beans..LOVES THEM
A budding love with Elmo has slowly begun to creep out (atleast it's not barney)
A sailor's's's wonderful
He's also got a new cute..probably to...wait for it....wait for it...TO SHOW OFF HIS BRAND NEW TEETH....CELEBRATE....2 TEETH!

Again....lil bunny...we love you with our entire souls and are so blessed you are in our lives...please continue making us are doing an amazing job at it.

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