Mavens With Moustaches

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Style fourth baby!


How do you juggle 3 kids and their very busy schedules...a home and all it's Martha Stewart's goodness...getting ready for back to school...AND working my buns off trying to Re-establish my business THE STYLE BANDIT?  The answer is...some coffee...some coffee...laying on my kitchen floor at 1 am in the fetal position :)...and more coffee!  Hahahahahahaha....the truth is i have some (what some might call CRAZY) addiction to keeping busy....I DONT do well being idle...I have to be creating.... and staying at home although some might think will free me up to watch daytime TV...which is actually impossible since my Queen Ms. Oprah herself has retired.....what is actually happening now is it is opening the flood gates to the overflowing ideas in my head....some good, some horrible...and some crazy (actually a lot crazy)!  But in the meantime...I will continue to feed my fourth child THE STYLE BANDIT..and hope it grows big and strong!

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  1. maria, i'm facebooking you because some crazy ideas have been stirring up in my head and they involve you! xoxo, christina