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Friday, July 29, 2011

13 years ago you changed my life forever....

Thirteen years and nine months ago I was planning on taking the world by storm...everyone would know my name...forget JLO Maria was about to make it on the scene.  I was enrolled in my second year of college majoring in Theatrical Makeup and I was going to either be the next Rick Baker or the next JLO...hehehehehe....BUT....and this is another HUGE BUT....GOD had different plans for me....he had an entirely different...more challenging...but oooo so much more rewarding journey for me to start I found out I was expecting my Johnny....and Johnny what you did for me is you made me realize dreams I never knew I had! You made me a mommy and I am so blessed that it was you.  I am so honored to have this amazing boy who simply is the sweetest and most caring lil metalhead I could have ever prayed for.  Happy Birthday my reeces peanut butter loving, shepards pie adoring, music prodigy knowing, nacho libre watching, baby brother and sister snuggling handsome THIRTEEN YEAR OLD!!!!

I hope you have the best day ever my sweet boy.....Im going to sign off...sneek into his bedroom with Bella and Mateo and some ballons and snuggle my baby boy!

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