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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Can I go into premature labor from screaming my head off? Probably not!

The evening we found that Johnny was accepted into the APA program I screamed sooooo loud that I thought I was going to deliver then and poor baby is probably afraid of her/his they will probably never come out.  I have been a lot quiter since..singing soft songs and playing some classical music..trying to convince them its okay to come out...I have a few more months to relax them! hehehehe..I wanted to share some images from that night..the expressions on everyones faces are priceless!

 This was BELLA BEAR in anticipation..the list was posted at 8pm sharp..this was her at 7:59pm...we were losing our minds!!!!!
 This is at 8:01pm...
 Johnny's friend was over jamming..nice kid..he was proud of his friend..and probably a lil worried for him for having such a CRAZY mother!
 Grandpa Houndog was with us to celebrate..a musician himself..he was also very proud...
 hahahahahahaha...I scared the poop out of Mateo...and this is my usually "chill" hubby telling to calm down...hahahahahahaha...I was a TOAL PSYCHO....but it was so funny!
 Johnny was so proud of himself!!!!! As he should be!!!!!

 A lot of Pizza was consumed in celebration!!!!!!
 This night we discovered that our Mateo Bear is a pizza fiend just like his Big Brother!



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