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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Definition of Happiness

My definition of happiness is simple....give me all four of my kids and my husband...anywhere..doing anything and I am in my true bliss.

I woke up this past Sunday morning with a LOONNNGGG list of things on my to do list...but instead I decided to throw all that away..and have a nice morning with my loves. I turned to my Jamas and asked him if he was down with the plan...and he was.  So 1 hour later freshly showered and primed all 6 of us stuffed ourselves into our GAS EFFICIENT hybrid civic and made the trek over to THE BEST FARMERS MARKET EVER!!!!!  We went to The Brentwood Farmer's Market and it was simply devine...yummy food, fresh veggies, flowers, fruit...and BEAUTIFUL artisitry!  On my scale I will have to easily grant it a 9!  :)

Thanks my loves for a fun lil Bryan-Arnold Morning!!!!!!

Trust me's worth the drive!!!!  And bring lots of wont be able to resist the yumminess!

We Left with:
and some veggies!

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