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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Lil Blueberry...22 weeks

Holy...BIG BABY BUMP...I know..I am HUMODEOUS!!!!!!  I swear there is only one in there!  But it's ok...I will continue to waddle everywhere I go with pride and beaming with this "so called" pregnancy glow...and I will continue to SHOVE and STUFF myself in the most chic outfits this PREGGO can throw together!

                  Moving and Shaking in the Belly
Looking really cute and chubby faced in his sonograms
Making mama crave lots of fruit..which is kinda a bummer..because we are still between seasons and the fruit is neither yeah or yuck!
I am now really trying to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy because it is FLYING by...and I wanna cry at just the thought of not having another lil blueberry in my belly!

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