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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Blueberry....20 weeks...half way there!

I cannot believe that we are HALF WAY there!!!!  I am utterly emotional about this because I am so excited and itching to hold our lil Cruz in my arms...but I also know that this will be my final pregnancy. :(  And eventhough I have really rough 1 trimesters...I do love being pregnant and feeling my babies moving inside is a feeling that I cannot even begin to articulate just trust me when I say there is NOTHING like it.  Now with these final 20 weeks I plan to absord every single second of more sick days..or insane nesting (just regular nesting).  I am so prepared for Mr. Cruz that if we were to flash forward 20 weeks I would be ready for him....we have his room ready..his crib ready...his jammies ready...LITERALLY all we need are lil tiny diapers, a bassinet, and his stroller.  We are so happy and I just can't wait to kiss those lil lips!!!!

Healthy cravings..FRUIT..FRUIT..FRUIT!
Shoveling eggs into my trap..BRAIN FOOD
I can drink water again!
no sickness..but pleanty of back pain!
movements from the inside like crazy
Kisses from the family on my tummy all the time
still only wearing maternity jeans and squeezing into everything else
still craving my vice...Fruit Loops
My husband rubbing my tummy before he kisses me when he gets home
I love that now everyone whispers Cruz' name to my tummy instead of baby.


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