Mavens With Moustaches

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Ever since I could remember I have always been obsessed with mostly CRAYONS.  When I was 9 I saw a watch at the store that was a box of crayons and you had to press a lil button to make the crayons pop out with the time....I became crazy inlove with this watch and prayed for when the time came that my birthday rolled around my parents would remember to get this ONE AND ONLY thing I wanted...the birthday rolled around ...AND... I GOT IT!  I love the smell of them and the nostalgia that comes along with these cute lil thingys.  Call me crazy...but the first time I crack a box open with one of the kids is a milestone..and Mateo's turn came this past week...and he loved it (and by LOVE..I mean...he tried eating them most the time..scribble and nibble kinda plan...but enjoyed it none the less.  

So Yummy.


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