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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Boy or Girl?

People keep trying to convince me to not find out the gender of baby #4....and to that I say...ARE YOU CRAZY?  I can't even imagine...I have to get EVERYTHING ready..the kids are dying to know...and we love to lovingly call the baby by his or her name..not THE BABY.  I never understood why people would argue.."don't you want to be surprised?" ummmm will be a surprise next Monday too!!!! :)  So this coming Monday we find out if baby bryan is a gal..or a gent!

 Audrey Vida Bryan...OR
Cruz Lee Bryan

Honestly...I am really torn about it...the thought of another Mateo makes me so happy...but also to see that lil face on a girl will drive me to happiness insanity...AND to watch Jamas try to do her hair like he does for Bella will melt me away!  So I guess either way I have MUCH to look forward to!


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