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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Blog?

So why do I blog?
My 1 year Blogging anniversary is right around the corner so I pondered this question..
The main reason..obviously is to keep our family who all live away..scattered around the world updated with the our crazy lives..
The other day I found myself surfing through my lil blog..and reading every entry...looking at every picture...and I became so happy..inspired...and grateful that I started doing this..I am so very ecsatic that I have been blessed with this crazy, happy, fun life and have all these amazing crazy people to share it with.  When I started surfing the blog world..there are some blogs I just fell inlove with..I now have a much shorter list of blogs I follow..and they all have 1 thing in common..their love for life and family. I found myself straying from the blogs that started looking like a crazy billboard rather than a nice lil blog. I don't want to know about your new coach bag or your fancy vacation..I want to hear about your life as a mommy..the good, the bad, and the beautiful.  So with that said I wanted to share just a couple of my FAVORTITE BLOGS EVER!!!!
So check them out...Iam sure you will fall inlove as well!

So what I wanted to do is start some fun catergories in this blog..I love to cook and I will share more of the REAL LIFE recepies...for our REAL LIFE...easy, yummy, and healthy. Also, I LIVE for fashion and styling..and actutally have quite the knack of doing this on NOT a DIME...but PENNY thanks to my friend Christina and her suggestion I am going start visiting friends closets and styling them something NEW and FABULOUS ala use what they have and supplement with budget friendly additions. And lastly..I will continue with our crazy life and many, many more fun DIY's!

So any ladies OR gents out there interested in a revamping of their look...drop me an email and The Style Bandit will make a house call.

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  1. love it! and thanks for following my blog :)