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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Ok...I will confess in my total hypocracy....with my kids I have always been and always will be a total TV nazi...I don't let them watch much at all..and they DEF do not and will NEVER have a set in their room...every second I do allow them a lil I can feel their brain cells burning away...I am the first to admit I am totally a drama queen about's not that bad for a lil...especially with the great educational options we have now...but anywho..I am the kids TV nazi!  With that said..I LOOVVEE watching TV myself (ok...everyone together...HYPOCRITE!!!!!)  I horrible..and to make matters worse I love watching total JUNKY all the housewives CHECK...Bachelor..CHECK...any drama filled reality show...CHECK.  And honestly I would be lying if I said that would ever change...and in my defense...come on..this is my only (real) vice. :)  So since I was a wee lil girl..I would dream about having a pretty lil house with a white picket fence, perfect living room with fresh flowers greeting us on the coffee table, and a nice kitchen's bad...a lil TV..a tv to watch cooking shows (Access Hollywood) while I cooked.  And this Mother's Day my Jamas surprised me and put the final touches on my dream kitchen!!!!  I now have a lil tv in there (HYPOCRITE MARIA), my bar stools for the island...and my favorite we made a chalk/magnetic board to hang in there.  Thanks my sweet Jamas..I promise to continue cooking some yummy dishes for you all in my dreamy kitchen. :)

Simply begin with a large piece of plywood and paint it with several coats of the magnetic paint and then the chalk paint...allow dry time between each coat.
 Hang on the desired space...accenting with 2X4 planks painting in a fun color that will accent your space nicely....
 And then add some twine, yarn, ribbon..or anything you would like to be able to hang artwork, reminders....right now I have all my Mother's Day cards happily hanging there.  We have a stainless steel refrigerator so we can't hang anything on there so this has really been nice to have now in order to bring in some personal, fun, and whimsical touches.

The Hypocrite Tv Junky

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