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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Let us pray...Dear Lord...Thank You for knowing that if I had one more sleepless night I would probably have a heart attack and pull all my hair out!  Seriously though...I have witnessed a miracle...Mateo is now sleeping through the NIGHT!!!!

Well it only took 16 months...but I have acheived what I thought was impossible.  My sweet Mateo has been by far my toughest baby to sleep train...but I was going to acheive this before Mr. Cruz arrived come hell or high water!  In his defense...our poor lil Mateo had a lot against him...I was ordered to wean him from breastfeeding...I transistioned him from co-sleeping to his BIG BOY bed...and he is cutting all his the fact that we got it together and made it happen was AMAZING...AMZE-BALLS!!!

I had plenty of advice from friends and even our pediatrician..and all of them were totally on the FERBER METHOD...which...with all due just CRAZY TALK in my head.  And for all of you who have done this and it hats of to you...I just couldn't do it..I CANNOT go from nursing and co-sleeping..basically training my baby from day 1 to know that in my arms is where he sleeps..eats..and is the extreme state of CRYING IT OUT!!!! So I was in quite the dilema..because that option was DEF out...and then I said to myself...HELLO SELF...THIS IS NOT YOUR FIRST TIME SLEEP TRAINING A BABY!!!!!  Sure it's been almost a decade...but I had successfully done this twice before..MY WAY.  So I hunkered down..maintained consitency..(maybe lost my mind on my kids and husband from sleep deprivation)...but now...just after a week...a new big boy bed..some classical music...and a whole heap of patience...I DID IT...My handsome hubby and I finally have our delicioulsy comfortable CALIFORNIA KING SIZE BED back (for atleast 4 more months...hehehe). And I can now walk throughout the house in the still of the night by the light of the moon and check in on each and everyone of my sleeping their own comfy happy beds!!!!!



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