Mavens With Moustaches

Friday, May 11, 2012

This is me..mommy..wife...friend til the end.

This is me...mommy...wife...friend til the end.  I am honest (sometimes too honest)..I am loyal (when you earn that)...I am weird...I am crazy...I am loud and I am finally at my happiest place ever..where I know I was meant to be and now after the storm that my life became and survived
I stand..stronger...wiser...happier..beside me I have a man who LOVES ME..all of me! I have 4 babies that God has blessed me with. I now have a small handful of friends that stayed...because they loved me..and not what my life was.  I lost friends because with divorce comes sides..and with sides comes truth...and with truth comes reality.  The reality is that I devoted my twenties to my husband John..his friends became my friends...his family became my family...and sadly with divorce they left and never looked back..and I still miss them to this day.  I can't and wouldn't change ANYTHING..because then I wouldn't be exactly where I was right at this moment...I am the happiest I have ever been...I am loved like I NEVER have been loved or thought it was possible to be loved.  I am fufilled in the job that I have already done with my big kids and will continue to do so...and am so excited to raise the lil ones as well and watch them blossom.  I don't think ...I KNOW i was put on this earth to be a mommy to these 4 kids...and wife to this amazing man.  A very common thread in this blog is GRATITUDE...because honestly it is the emotion I feel everyday...I feel so grateful that I met Big John 16 years ago...I feel so grateful we had a whoopsy that we named Johnny 9 months later :)...I feel so grateful that we felt pressured to get married so we can then give our "whoopsy" a sister named Bella...I feel so grateful that through Big John and his family I learned what it was to have a family who loved me and supported me through being such a young mommy...I feel so grateful that years later I met the man that was born to love by my side...I feel so grateful that this man is so very weird and fun, so fun that I can look forward to being old and grey with him and laugh...I feel so grateful that this young man (I robbed the cradle with him) convinced me to become a mommy again...TWICE....I feel so grateful that I am now Mrs. James Bryan....I feel so grateful that he works so hard in order to keep me at home with our babies...and I feel so grateful that this is now my life.

Why the emotional outpourng you ask?  Well...I just celebrated my 1 year BLOGERVERSARY...and I spent the other morning looking at all the old posts and pictures and thought to myself...HOW far we have come...HOW much we have endured...and HOW much it was worth it.

Happy Blogerversary...thanks to all of you who visit my lil blog...especially Ms. Emilie Lairson, Heather O'hara and Christina Beck who often comment and ask about my blog when I see brings me such happiness to know you guys enjoy it!



  1. Maria, so happy for you! I have more in common with you then I knew! I too am divorced and remarried (robbed the cradle as well) lol. But I too lost so many friends and family through the divorce and I feel you. I get so sad about it sometimes but I am very thankful for what I have today as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love all of your titles, your blog and your realness. Happy blogerversary!