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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Roundup...still of the night edition

Every night Mr Jamas and I tuck all our lil chickens away for the night...and then we nestle ourselves watching Lord of the Rings for MAYBE the 600th time...and then lately..I konk out...but Sunday night I was WIDE awake...I even heard Bear  (the dog) snoring..weird!  So I just got up and found myself walking througout the house peeking into each of the kids rooms..listening to them breath..and I was overwhelmed with gratitude and know how far we have a few years things were so flipped upside down..and now I have this life that I am so happy and excited about.  And mostly that I have 3 wonderfully happy and healthy kids slleping in their beds...and one active lil bunny NOT SLEEPING in my tummy.
Blessed for another great weedkend with them!

Bella had ANOTHER Fan Dancer performance!
Mateo was excited to visit the kitty cats at the adoption center..look how happy he is..
so happy infact that we caught him....well...pooping his pants with excitement..I know..TMI..but I just LOVE the face he makes when he is pooping..and finishes of with a lil shimmy!
We are the proud owners of a rescued dog..he is half German Shepard and half golden retreiver..and Bella found the cups that would represent that..hehehe..cutie!
Mateo can't get enough of his new sandbox that Daddy built him....
o yeah..and he discovered the wii..BTW..those are his workout clothes...
Off to Centennial Farms...

 You know what i think of when I see this picture (besides that my face is growing as fast as my belly) that I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM MOMMYTO FOUR BAMBINOS!!!!!!

Johnny was pooped out

Scarey Bella peeling off her face mask after a mini spa date we had...

Another weeknd down...ready for the next!


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